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RECON! An extraordinary rifle inspired by Jeff Cooper's Scout Rifle and concept. $995 plus shipping.

Scope and sling not included. For slings visit

*Special thanks to gun writer Richard Mann for his bringing the virtues of the Mossberg Patriot to our attention through his writings. Upon further investigation, Granite Mountain Gunsmithing determined it to be the most suitable rifle to use as the foundation of the RECON! Scout. Mr. Mann has a new book out called "The Scout Rifle Study." It is available free online at Sign up and tell him, Steve at Granite Mountain Gunsmithing sent you.

* Mossberg Patriot Youth Bantam Base Rifle with the following:

* Detachable Box Magazine - holds five cartridges for true 5 + 1 capability and can be top loaded for shoot one/load one, and topping off without the necessity of removing the magazine.

* Custom Picatinny Style Scout Scope Bases: set up for Burris and Leupold fixed or variable power Scout scopes

* Hand Lapped Ring Sets: included (Weaver Quad Lock) - one set for conventional scopes; one set for Scout scopes

* Folding Rear Aperture Sight

*Available in: .308 Winchester, .7mm-08 Remington, .243 Winchester

* Protected (winged) Muzzle End Front Sight with adjustable post

*Threaded Muzzle with Protector

* Beveled Recoil Pad Heel: upon request at no extra charge

* Barrel Length: 18" standard (16 1/2" or 20" available upon request at no additional charge)

*Flush Mount Quick Detach Sling Sockets and Swivels - 2 ea.
Third Socket available upon request for an additional $40. (middle sling socket and swivel are utilized with Ching and CW slings)

*Cerakote Barreled Action: single color

*Cerakote Scope Rings to Match $20 per set

* Cerakote Stock: single color for an additional $85

*Optional Thread Adapter 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 $30

*Optional Rear Steel Scope Base with Folding Sight $35 (aluminum base with folding sight comes standard)

* Weight: 6 lbs. 10 oz. with Leupold scope, 3 sling sockets/swivels installed (no sling)

* OAL: 36.5 inches (18"barrel length) without spacer (12" Length of Pull); 37.5" OAL with spacer (13" Length of Pull)

* LOP: 12 to 13 inches

I require a $450 deposit to cover the cost of the rifle, bases, and sights. Money orders, cashier's checks, or personal checks are acceptable, however I will need to wait for a personal check to clear before proceeding. Make checks out to Steve Bons.


*Fabricate and Silver Solder Scout Scope Mounts on Barrel - $145

*Cut and Crown a Barrel - $85

*Cut, Crown, and Thread Barrel to any Legal Length -$110

*Fabricate Rear Steel Base with Folding Aperture Sight - $98

*Install Front Sight on Fluted Barrel - $90

*Install Front Sight on non Fluted Barrel - $40

*CERAKOTE Barreled Action - $165

*Lap Scope Rings - $50

*Lap Scope Rings, Mount Scope and Bore Sight - $85

*Bevel Recoil Pad - $20

*Install Two Flush Mount Quick Detach Sling Sockets and Swivels - $80